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Washing your hair too often can increase the production of sebum as the sebaceous glands produce more sebum to combat the stripping of oils from the scalp and hair which can happen as a result of frequent washing. Vigorous hair and scalp scrubbing can stimulate hair grease. Touching hair can also over-stimulate glands, as can brushing vigorously which carry oil through your hair. Pollutants in the everyday environment can cause hair to look greasy, along with product build-up at the roots from over-use of hair styling products.There are also many internal causes of greasy too. I have already mentioned fluctuating hormone levels, but one of the main culprits when it comes to internal causes of greasy hair is diet. Western diets that tend to be greasy, high in fat and sugar, processed and containing additives which can be a major cause of greasy hair as the high fat content increases oil levels in and on the skin. Hormones can be found in meat in the western, adding to the unbalanced hormone levels. A diet lacking in vitamin B can also contribute towards greasy hair.Ms. Hilton and Ms. Richie want to use the show as a launching pad for their new career creating, instead of just being ridiculed by, popular culture. Their hosts want television validation and a little cash. But maybe they have reason to believe in the antiquated myth of the simple life. On the TV, at least, America is just a big neighborhood of lovely friends, kindly parents waiting for a knock at the door, their humble crazyquilted beds already turned down. ''Wouldn't you like to try that, just go around and see how other people live'' asked Ms. Mequet. ''I wish it was me.''

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