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A quality human hair wig is excellent for women who are thinking of trying out a new haircut. Certain facial shapes are flattered by particular types of and styles of wigs. If you have a round shaped facial structure, it is recommended to opt for human hair wigs that frame your face. People with heart shaped face look good when they wear real hair wigs that have fullness at the bottom, while those with square shaped faces should choose a human hair wig in a style that is closer to the face. If your face is oval, then you can wear any style of wigs. Curly style human wigs are perfect for individuals with triangle shaped face. Depending on the shape of your face, you can opt for a human hair wig that will enhance your best features and make you look beautiful.Losing hair is a natural part of life. The resting phase for hair is the period of 2-3 months, after which the hair falls out and makes way for new ones. However, even when the hair is not actively growing, almost 10% of them, gets lost. Hair grows from a half to an inch long a month and lives for about 2 to six years. Falling out of hair is one of the steps of its life cycle and almost 90% of hair is in the growing phase at any point of time. Each day shedding about 100 hairs is quite normal. Normally shedding of 100 hairs a day is not something to be worried about, but more than that is a cause of concern. It has been observed that hair loss is more common in men, however women are suffer as well. Excessive thinning of the hair could be a result of many factors, emotional shock from a major surgery or after a prolonged illness that could continue for the next three months. The temptation would be to run out and purchases a hair loss product. However, often times the body just needs time to adjust. After a while the hair loss stops and even starts to grow back on its own.

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