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Men have been losing their hair forever. Medieval Herbals, ancient Egyptian scrolls, Imperial Chinese medical books, and witches potions all include some treatment for hair loss. Obviously, men of all ages have been plagued by this problem!Some of these hair loss treatments are simple and even used today, such as rubbing a red pepper potion on your scalp. They range from a simple herb seeped in warm water to elaborate poultices and potions involving animal droppings, gemstones, animal fats, and in some cases, even blood. It seems that even back then, guys hated losing their hair and would go to any lengths, including going to the local witch for some foul smelling treatment.Here are the ten most obscure and weird hair loss treatments, from all cultures:#1. A 12th century book of shadows (a Wicca spell and potion book) has one interesting hair loss treatment, including a poultice and a spell:"Creates a potion which will cause rapid hair growth.Get a candle of any type, but the color of the candle should be the color of the hair you want to grow.If you weave your hair, try your best to get under the weave to apply a moisturizer to your scalp. When washing, don't just wash the weave. Get under the weave to your scalp and try your best to scrub it clean. Going a month or more without washing is not only ridiculous, but damaging for your scalp. Give your hair a break between weaves by wearing it natural, braiding it, or wearing a wig. You shouldn't be going from one weave to the next without giving your hair a good treatment first. Remember, tight braiding on a regular basis causes breakage at the hairline. This is why your hair needs a break every now and then! Give it a break, or deal with the breakage later on.

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