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Unfortunately, thinning hair is something that comes to us all eventually and is one of the major things that people worry about when getting older. People try all sorts of thinning hair styles to try to cover up the fact that their hair is disappearing.Sad as this is, nine time's out of ten this often turns out worse,just admit the truth that your hair is turning into thin hair. As you well know the "comb over" look chosen by loads of males, who decide to brush over the remaining threads of thin hair across the top of the scalp. It really is a terrible look full stop!There is however some hair thinning cuts, that can be used to show thin or fine hair seem more real. Saying that,thinning hair and fine are different.Thinning hair is purely hair that is quite thin in thickness but at the same time there is quite a lot of it remaining. Thin hair though, is also thin in thickness but there isn't as much quantity of it so that is what makes the head of hair look far to thin and the top of your head shows thru.Men can just choose to totally shave the hair completely off their head when it begins to become to thin.Did you know women could lose their hair Of course you knew that, women could lose their hair through chemotherapy. But women can lose their hair in other ways and not just because of medical conditions. What are these ways and what can be done to stop hair loss and re-grow itMenopauseWhen women experience menopause, their thyroid functions at a lower rate than normal. This will cause women to experience thinning of their hair. In fact, a woman does not need to experience menopause to have thinning. Most women who do experience this is because their thyroid is not functioning correctly.StressStress can cause women to lose their hair. There are three different types of hair loss conditions caused by stress:Telogen Effluvium - This is a condition that causes the hair to enter the rest phase early and shortly there after fall outAlopecia Areata- Many different conditions can cause this type of hair loss, which is patches of hair falling out. Emotional stress is believed to be one of the causes of this type of conditionTrichotillomania - This is the uncontrollable urge to pull your hair out.

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