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If you are not satisfied with all the above options, you can try to cover up through a toupee. It is often impossible to tell that a man is wearing a toupee but there is the risk that it may be obvious. Try to get one that looks like your natural hair. Wigs can easily fall off, too. So you have to clear know that every coin has two sides.Hair disorders:Like other parts of the body, hair has its regular order circulation and disorder as well. If the hair sudden fall out excessively, it may be interrupted by heredity thinning or baldness (often known as androgenetic alopecia), alopecia areata, critricial alopecia or scarring alopecia, central centriful or scarring alopecia etc and so on. All these mentioned symptoms will all contribute to the hair loss. if you are a victim of these symptoms, you had better to see a doctor.Disease causes hair loss.If its windy, then you need to pin up your hair. Your stylist would help you do the final touch up once you reach the venue.As far as makeup is concerned, you need to consult the professional as to understand what brand will suit you the best. Various brands use chemicals as well, some girls are allergic to them. You need to apply those things which dont harm your skin later on.Also make sure that, you dont put too much of it as it may not look good in photographs taken in different backgrounds. Visiting your stylist in prior would make sure that youll get the right set of cosmetics for application.Many professionals also provide additional services apart from brides hair and makeup. They would even do same for other people who want to look great in the wedding ceremony.

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