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I needed thirty packs; so, naturally, I emailed them for discounting which turned out quite reasonable. Our (own) show's stylist was some sort of genius, magician, or miracle-worker or maybe a combination of all three. I knew as long as the extensions were premium-quality, which these were, he would provide everyone a uniform look. In the end, it was not quite the look of Cleopatra, I had envisioned; however, the dancers did appear as intriguing natives of a far-off island, and their hair was very eye-catching. Fortunately, the hair was premium; and human since our shows generally enjoy a fairly long -run. I will always remain grateful and indebted to the show's assistant producer for recommending this site.Since the time, as I indicated at the beginning of the review, the site is where everyone in my circle visits when looking for the best in premium Brazilian Remy Virgin (Silky Straight) Wavy when Wet products. I particularly like the product I just mentioned (although I am sure I would be fine with any of the site's human-hair products).The same man who fitted my wig was the main presenter. He and his assistants showed how to tie scarfs and apply make-up. Learning how to make soft hats from old tee shirts was a life savior. When you don't have hair your head is sensitive. Another gal had an attractive turban on her head. Underneath the turban was something she called a Buff. Buffs are wonderful! They are soft and can be twisted into 12 different styles. I still wear mine when I bike ride, ski, and exercise. The gal with the turban volunteered to have a make-over and they had her take off her turban. I thought I was going to faint. She didn't have any hair. She was very courageous to take off her head coverings. People like her give me courage. Cheryl let out a soft gasp.

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