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It may be hard to comprehend that (FPB) Female pattern baldness can unfortunately be as common for women as (MPB) male pattern baldness is for men.Although during our every day lives we rarely see a relatively bald women it does not mean they are not there. Ladies are more happy with the wearing of wigs than men are of toupees.in order to cover their thinning hair. This is an acceptable part of our society. I am bald, I am a man, this I can accept and have been told that it acts towards my happy persona.For a woman though society tends to demand a full and flowing head of attractive locks. The statement "your lack of hair suits you" will probably never for a woman become an every day compliment. Considering how many ladies in the united states have an element of (FPB). Suffering is not too harsh a word to use.However, once you become good at the technique, it is an easy and inexpensive way to quickly get rid of unwanted hair at home. Kits can be purchased for $20-$40. You can also have your skin waxed by a professional. Depending on the area you are having waxed, this can cost from $20 to around $150.Sugar WaxingSugar waxing is similar in method to traditional waxing, except that the "wax" is a sticky sugary paste. Sugaring is even less expensive, as home kits can be bought for as little as $10.BleachingRather than removing the hair, some women prefer to lighten it. This is especially common for women with facial hair. Bleaching is completely pain-free, and can be done at home.

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