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The last thing you want to feel is uncomfortable or not feel like 'yourself'. Thanks to major advances in technology however, modern-day quality wigs are well designed and in tune with current styles and trends. Hair pieces and wigs are now made using the very best quality lightweight fabrics, with soft, natural-looking fibre or real hair in a massive range of styles and colours. So if you're looking for a hair piece, what choices are available to youThe problem of "hair loss" does not only affect men, 70% of women also experience hair loss sometime in their lives, it rarely results in complete "loss of hair", but can cause the woman effected some concern, anxiety and stress. Be aware that there are definitely things that you can do to stop or reduce the problem, it's simply a matter of becoming aware of all the issues relating to hair loss, simply put: educate yourself on the subject. Youdon't have to become an expert, but simply to read up on the problem.Possible causes:There are a lot of possible causes of hair loss: stress is a major cause, as are hormonal changes. Hormonal imbalance is another likely cause, a malfunctioning thyroid can result in hair loss. Women will most likely experience hair loss after pregnancy, this is quite normal as hormonal levels are high during pregnancy, and after you give birth the falling hormones can result with hair falling out, this will cease when your hormones settle down to their pre - pregnancy levels.Using a combination of "hair products" can lead to thinning hair, but used correctly, some "hair loss treatments" can help.

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