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The third option is to use wigs, toupees, hair weaving, hair extensions or hair integrations. Wigs and toupees can be custom designed using either human hair or synthetic hair. They have come a long way and can create a very natural looking style. Hair weaving involves sewing pieces of human or synthetic hair into the natural hair to create a fuller, long hair style look. Hair extensions are similar to hair weaving since you are attaching human or synthetic hair to the natural hair. Except hair extensions are attached by one of several different methods using adhesives, locs, links or clips. Hair integrations are custom designed nets with hair attached or even man-made skin with hair attached that are attached, typically using medical grade adhesives directly to the scalp to create a fuller hair style.Methods of removal of hair can also be classified in the Epilation and depilation according to the manner the hair is removed skin - Epilation - This means the removal of the whole hair, from its root below the skin. This method can be of two kinds provisional like the removal of hair by waxing, tweezing, thread, epilators etc and permanent by the laser, IPL, electrolysis etc Depilation -The hair is removed above surface of the skin and not by the root. This type of hair removal includes shaving, the use of depilatories chemical etc It is a short-term method of removal of hair. Removal of Facial HairIf you are independent from the acne and other scars but have facial hair so that would be one among principal concerns for you to worry about. Today not only women but even men also desire flawless skin which is free from all sorts of scars and ingrown hairs .

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