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The best frequency for washing you hair is 2 times a week. Any more than three times a week and will harm the area of your scalp and induce greater hair loss.The main element to stopping hair gel from causing damage is to give your self a hair oil treatment. A deep oil treatment will strip off the chemicals that populate the hair gel. The preferred one to use is Mira oil as it is 100% naturalWhether your tresses will fall off when utilizing hair gel is dependent on the type of hair gel you employ. If it is low priced chemical based one the odds are great that it will cause hair loss. If it is a herbal hair gel chances are it won'tThe other alternative to prevent hair loss from hair gel is to employ the gel and shampoo to the top and middle parts of your hair and not the scalp.The Leimo hair loss treatment is the most ideal gift you can give to help your special someone regain the former glory of his hair. The Leimo hair regrowth system known as the Leimo Personal Hair Laser Starter Kit. Love is in the air! This Valentine's Day, give your special someone an extra-special gift to show him how you feel.Give your boyfriend/husband a wonderful gift showing your appreciation in having him in your life. What better way to do this than by giving your special someone a chance to regrow a healthier head of hair, rightWith the Leimo hair loss treatment, you are not only giving your special someone a perfect opportunity to stop the further onslaught of his hair loss, but you are also helping him achieve thicker, stronger and more beautiful hair.

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