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The classical interpretation or dictionary definition of a costume is a style of dressing including all clothes and accessories worn to portray a particular period of time or country. A costume can be described as being a particular style of clothing and accessories worn to portray the wearer as a character, or persona, other than that which is normal for them. Classically this applies to actors and their theatrical performances where costumes are used to transport the watcher to the historical period or geographical location of the character being played. Within the theatre, costumes are used to convey visual cues to the watching audience on details of the character's age, social standing/class and profession. This is in addition to the major attributes of geographical location and chronological period. Theatrical costumiers often invent/develop stylised costumes to exaggerate some aspect of the character wearing the costume for example, consider the highly stylised costume of exaggerated shoulders and lapels of a sharply tailored black jacket with a thick white pin-striping and you have a classic cartoon gangster.Hair replacement for men is one of the latest topics which people are searching continuously on the internet. Indeed this is one of the most common topics of discussion. Hair loss is commonly seen in both women and men. Everyone wants to know the solution to get rid of hair loss. Fortunately, there are various methods to make ones head full of hair. Nowadays there are various techniques or surgeries available through which a person can live happily without worrying about baldness. The most probable and famous Hair replacement for men is hair transplant. Hair transplant is a process to transplant hair from one part of the body to some other part of head where one is suffering from baldness.

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