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Grade 5A Remy Brazilian Remy
In this Hairtalk episode you are shown how to get Taylor Swifts curly hair using hair extensions. The extensions used are a 16 inch 10 piece Wavy Clip in Extensions by POP. Simply by putting the larger of the pressure sensitive clips in, part by part, starting at back side bottom going upwards, ending with the smaller clips filling in where it needed and around the face, you get a fuller and longer hair, with weather proof waves. The hair in the extensions are made by synthetic fibers, that looks natural and it is available in 20 different colors.The lace front wigs have lace which goes from ear to ear and thereby gives a natural looking hairline. There is also a lace at the nape of the neck, which makes it easier for people wearing these wigs to make a ponytail. These laces are also quite strong, making them fixed to the hairline strongly, so that one can comb and wash it as usual. Remaining part of the cap is made of a monofilament, which can be stretched. Sometimes other stretch materials are also used for making these products. With innovative ideas, such lace front wigs have been made with such materials and textures, that it makes it comfortable and easy to be fitted, without giving a stressed fit on the scalp.

Full Lace Front Wigs
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