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Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo Himalaya - Natural Herbal Cure to Hair FallHimalaya anti hair fall shampoo is a2 in1 formula that provides root nutrition and toughens damaged hair. Conditions and improves hair texture to reduce hair fall due to splintering.Causes of hair fallIt is normal to lose some hair every day as part of hair growth cycle. However, some people experience excessive hair fall. There are various causes of hair loss, the major ones are;Stress - now a day's people live a very stressful life. Physical and emotional hair stress leads to unhealthy hair growth. Usually the hair loss will recover completely once the stress has been removed.Skin infection - Some disorders of the skin, for example psoriasis, may cause hair loss. However once the skin problem is treated the hair should regrow.Chemicals and Hair Styles - Peoples use more chemicals in their daily life. Mouse, gel, strong shampoos and hair spray have their intense effect on hair growth.Aging - it is the common cause of hair fall. It is the normal life cycle where men and women both shed hair as they grow old.If you want to look like the real Elvis Presley, it's best to start with straight to slightly wavy hair. His jet-black hair color was actually dyed, since he had naturally blonde hair. The King used blue- black hair color, but anything relatively dark should be believable. You can either get the color done in a salon, or most drugstores will sell a box of hair dye. If you are getting it done in a salon, bring in a picture of Elvis that is closest to what you'd like to look like. That way, the hairstylist can also cut your hair in his style. (*If you have no hair, you may have to resort to a wig. Any online store selling clown wigs will also have Elvis wigs. Just do a search for "clown wigs" or "Elvis wigs" and you'll be fine.)

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