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In Asia, wigs were utilized less in general society and more in performance. Geisha, as well as Noh and Kabuki performers in Japan utilized hairpieces, which were highly stylized. Costume wigs have continued to be an important aspect of the entertainment business, allowing costumers and makeup artists to drastically change actorsappearances with relative ease. Apparently a lot goes into the creation of different types of costume wigs; different 渢ypeshaving specific characteristics. For example, Stone Age wigs are characteristically 渂ristly and largewhereas Medieval wigs have hair shocks sticking out at angles 渁nd will be embedded with blood and pebbles.Huh.Think hairspray and a lot of it. Start off with dry, straightened hair, second day hair is even better. Section off the top half of hair and load up the front and back with a firm hold hairspray. A hairspray like Sebastian's Shaper Plus is a good place to start. Next, grab a small brush made especially made for teasing hair. If you do not own a specialty brush, use a fine toothed comb. Grab a section of hair and spray (yes, again) with hairspray. Now take the brush or comb to the hair halfway between the roots and the ends of the hair. Tease, tease, tease. Repeat until you get to the front of the hairline. Once all hair is properly teased, brush gently towards the back of the head. A bump will form. Secure with bobby pins or plastic clip (as Snooki herself prefers), spray one last time, enjoy!

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