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It a question that often raised by our customers when theye choosing a new lace wig, hair extensions or wefts.In a nutshell, kinky straight is the term given to hair that has a classic afro texture, similar to afro hair before it has been relaxed. It is the most obvious choice for women of colour to use because it is similar to their own natural hair, and as such is much less to draw attention to the fact that it might not be the wearer own hair.Where does it come fromThe origin of most natural human hair pieces is Indian hair that has been gathered from the temples where it is offered as a donation to the Gods, maybe in return for a stroke of good luck that has befallen the donor, such as the birth of a healthy child, or along with a prayer for good luck in the future.The only dilemma you will face is how to choose the one the looks great on you. It is a common mistake to buy oversize headbands. Thick is better than big, thicker headband has wide coverage of hair, hence, you have total control of your hair even when you are about to dance or move hastily in the event you are attending. The variety of colors will highly depend on your wardrobe; you can either match the color or use it in contrast.2. Hair Pins and clips are the next in line for the most common hair accessories you ought to have. Same with headbands, pins, and clips are easy to use. Once you already have your hair done, simply clip to the side or to the areas that looks good. Hairpins and clips will really come in handy especially when you have an unruly hair that keeps popping out and ruin your clean and elegant face.

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