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We often do not consider the advanced training required by our hairstylists and hair extensionists. With the informal training presented on YouTube, Vimeo and other online doityourself resources, it is simple for hairstylists to opt for the free and uncertified options versus the proper training from a certified hair extensionist educator. It remains essential today for consumers to find out more about their hair extensionists' education and qualifications. An accredited educational background can affect proper hair extension application and the quality of hair they are applying. If the salon and hair extensionists you are frequenting do not have the proper education, you may not get the healthy hair you desire.Generally, the hairnet should be washed two to three months and wigs should be cleaned one to two months, and this is according to the frequency of the wearing. Before washing, we need to use coarsely toothed soft brush or dilute tooth wooden comb to gently comb the wig from top to bottom and clean the dirt and dust. After that we put the wig into warm water solution of a detergent (water temperature is 25-30℃), after 10 minutes' soaking, gently rinse wig and comb the attachment. It should be noted that you must not scrub wigs in the water and that will make the hair fell off and broken. At last, rinse the wig by clear water and use dry towel to wipe gently the moisture absorbing in the wig. Moreover, we can besmear a little hair cream for wig and then hang it in ventilated place with natural air.

Full Lace Front Wigs
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