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It affects approximately one-third of all susceptible women, but is most commonly seen after menopause. DHT The Cause of Hair LossNoticeable pattern baldness in women usually starts after menopause when the production of the female hormone estrogen slows down dramatically. Before menopause, the high amounts of estrogen in a woman system protect her from the small amount of testosterone that women also produce. After menopause the testosterone produced combines with the enzyme 5 alpha reductase to create DHT, and DHT is responsible for female pattern baldness. DHT is a type of hormone produced by your own body which causes hair loss. Hair loss products has ingredients that will deter your body from creating these DHT hormones. Hair Loss PatternsUsually, the thinning hair is far less prominent than it is in men. It also occurs in a different pattern. Most women first experience hair thinning and thinning hair where they part their hair and on the top of the head, but don't have a receding hairline. This pattern in hair loss is mainly due to the different hormones in both the male and female gender.Hair is a kind of filament structure that arises in the dermis of the human body as the follicles. They are found in most of the mammals. They are a part of identification to the males and the females. Most of the humans consider hair as a very important component of the human body. They are present on the head, hands and on the other parts of the body. You can have different kinds of hair styles in a person depending upon their hair natures. They can be a straight hair or a wavy form of curliness. People also make hairstyles based upon their culture and their countries. They also try to adopt them as a part of their fashionable world. You will be able to identify a person by their hair styles also, that can be much easier in many ways. Hair filaments contain protein rich components known as the keratin. Keratin is one of the most important thick insoluble fibers that provide more thickness to hairs. They are mainly found in the outer layer of the skin. Hair loss occurs on the head due to certain deficiencies and symptoms. They are also called as the alopecia.

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