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Indian Virgin Lace fashion wig
In terms of appearance, the full lace wig is the least detectable wig while the front lace wig is less detectable than the regular or conventional wig.So, the full lace wig is the most natural with a perfectly natural hairline and is the least detectable wig. The full lace wig contains a fully crafted lace base in order to maximize comfort and allow for excellent breathing capabilities. This wig can be worn for extended periods without notice or discomfort. Due to the transitional qualities, which begin at the hairline, the full lace wig may be parted in any location, can even be braided or worn in a stylish up fashion.As full lace wigs are lightweight and breathe so well, they are often worn for extended periods including hours in bed. The seamless full lace wig successfully creates the illusion that the hair is actually growing directly from the scalp.The Hair ColorsColoring your hair is perhaps the quickest and most dramatic way to change your look. It is also an excuse to go out and buy a new wardrobe of clothes, because you'll find that what suited you as a brunette looks rather drab on a new blonde.There are two types of hair dyes: permanent and semi-permanent, with variations of each. A) Permanent Tints: Must be mixed with hydrogen peroxide to lift the hair color. The peroxide opens the hair cuticle so that the tint can penetrate the cortex and form the color. The higher the level of peroxide, the quicker and lighter the result will be. B) Semi-Permanent Colors: They don't actually lift the color - you can either vary the tone within your natural highlights or go darker. Quasi-color contains ethanolamine and 3% peroxide which slightly opens the cuticle.

Full Lace Front Wigs
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