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Traditionally and till this day most women have to bear with the nature of their natural hair. Those that were unhappy with it on a particular day or week would use hair accessories such as caps to hide their shame. Some would resort to frequent haircuts to tame their hard to manage hair and others frequently visited salons for hair treatments and alterations. However, applying chemicals to your hair on a consistent basis generally leads to damage.Amla essential oil is definitely an historic wig the loss solution from indian created from Indian gooseberries. These berries are mixed with coconut essential oil and boiled. soon after cooling, the Indians would distribute this tonic on their wig. Amla essential oil consists of lots of vital fatty acids that advertise skin tone and wig health. These fatty acids may well aid reverse wig loss. It also consists of big quantities of nutritional C which also aids advertise healthful full lace wigs. In India, followers of Ayurveda specialized type of herbal treatment, boiled sage leaves in coconut essential oil and utilized the blackened residue to wig and scalp.Adding fenugreek seeds to warm essential oil and utilizing this to stroke your scalp cools your mind and and thus minimizes wig loss. Similarly, henna is employed to situation the wig and avoid the wig from obtaining brittle.

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