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Silky Straight 100% Best Peruvian Virgin Hair Silk Top Full Lace Wig In Stock
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Human Hair Type:
Selected 100% Premium Peruvian Virgin Hair
Cap Construction:
4"x4" silk top full lace cap
Hair Style:
Free Style, Free Parting
Baby Hair:
Fine Natural-looking Baby Hair
Natural Hairline
Hair Density:
130% Medium Density
Hair Color:
Natural Color
Hair Length:
Available From 12" to 24"
If you want hair density or hair length other than listed above, please contact us
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full lace wigs

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full lace wigs

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In the case of female hair loss, hormonal imbalance can affect this, and women too may find they need improved nutrition to help combat the problem.Another known cause of hair loss is that great modern problem, stress. Stress causes the scalp muscles to constrict. This in turn restricts the circulation to the scalp, and if this happens on a frequent and prolonged basis, it can cause hair loss. However, overall, stress is one of the lesser contributing factors to the problem of hair loss.Another main cause of hair loss is improper hair care. Each hair has its natural growth cycle, and if the hair dies, it is important to brush it out. Once it is removed, another can grow in its place. However, if it is not brushed out, it can potentially suffocate the root of the new hair, meaning it is not effectively replaced.Similar problems can stem from failing to wash hair regularly and not removing the dirt that prevents the hair root from growing. The most problematic of all the ingredients is called PPD, also known as p-phenylenediamine or paraphenylenediamine. PPD is used most often in permanent hair coloring products, as well as lipsticks and even some tattoo colorings. It is also used in oil and printing inks, and even wigs and fur coats. People who develop hair dye allergies are sensitive to what is called "partially oxidized PPD". Most PPD hair coloring products are packaged in two separate bottles, and when they are mixed, the PPD blends with oxygen. In this partially oxidized state, those who are sensitive to the PPD can develop a reaction to the hair dye. Options for Hair Dye for Sensitive Skin If you have had a reaction to hair coloring products and yet would still like to have gorgeous hair, there are several options which can help you to safely color your hair. Beans contain high fiber, aiding in cleansing your body of toxins and impurities your body doesn’t need. And with another source of protein by your side, your hair will be able to maintain its strength with no problem. Use the right hair products- This is another way on how to promote healthy hair. Use the right hair products that have the right ingredients. You can get your shampoos, conditioners, hair crmes, and hair restoration kits that contain vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. Also you want hair products that contain green tea, emu oil, argan oil and shea butter (to name a few), which are good ingredients in the hair products you use that can take care of hair effectively.Green tea, for example, is such a great ingredient because it contain vitamin C, E, and panthenol, helping sooth and moisturize the hair and scalp, helps prevent chances of you experiencing hair loss, while protecting your hair against UV radiation damage. .remy full lace wigs,cheap glueless full lace wigs,cheap silk top lace front wigs

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Silky Straight 100% Best Peruvian Virgin Hair Silk Top Full Lace Wig In Stock