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Back hair, for some unknown reason, doesn't often grow well when moved to the scalp. Some people have unsatisfactory density to their lower leg hairs. The best donor areas are beard, chest and torso.Dr. Robert True, member of the Independent Coalition of Hair Restoration Surgeons, found his 2006 study that transplanted torso hairs actually assume the character and behavior of native scalp. Torso hairs that were once short and wavy became longer and straight once transplanted to the scalp. Dr. True also noted that the body hair, especially torso hair, usually becomes thicker they men age. Torso hair often does not shed according to Dr. True.While body hair is a viable source of donor hair, most hair restoration physicians agree that it should be your last resort. With the exception of beard hair - body hair should only used in zones to provide "filler" or layered density. Your initial hair transplant procedures should harvest hairs from your donor area. Once the traditional donor area is depleted, you can harvest an additional 500 to 1000 grafts from an FUE procedure.Don't just everybody love styling and growing their hair long Unfortunately, having a full lock of hair is a luxury not everyone can enjoy. Some people, more particularly cancer patients, lose their hair as they go through the treatments necessary for their disease. For them, enjoying beautiful hair is the last thing on their mind. But they would all agree that it will be nicer not to see the effects of radiation therapy on their head.

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