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CarrotsCarrots provide the much needed Vitamin A not only for your eyes to keep it sparkling and healthy, but are also giving your scalp proper nourishment and care. If you have a healthy scalp, it means that your hair is well conditioned and is strong too. Hence, you must try and eat a balanced diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and pulses, whole grains, proteins, fatty fish such as the Indian salmon and also some dairy products which are low in fat content. These foods are great for hair growth and also to make it healthy and shining.Palmetto extract is something that fights and protects you from pro-static disease. This is anti androgen that gives good results when applied regularly. But this is not recommended for women undergoing pregnancy treatment. Another option is Aromatherapy which is also a kind of massage therapy. The ingredients used to massage are mixture of essential oils, sesame oil, lavender and almond oil which should be gently massaged on the scalp and allow it to dry for more than 30 minutes.Regardless of adopting above written techniques, it is equally important to take care of your diet. Make sure that you are having a healthy food in your diet that will help maintain health of your hair and also prevent it from various problems.There are many reasons for hair loss and at the same time there are many treatments available to reduce or control hair loss.

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