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Today Hair loss is a very big problem. Everybody wants to free from the hair loss problem. But if you want to control your hair loss follow the simple and the best step for your hair:Features and Growth of Hair:Our hair is covered with three layers: - The outer surface layer of overlapping cells covered the hair shaft or cuticula pili that locks the hair into its Follicle is called Cuticle.It protects your hair and increase the growth of your hair. It also holds the pigment which is present in our cell for giving hair color. The medulla is the hallow tube in cortex, which makes hair stronger and elastic.Each hair is joints at the end of root with skin. It is joint with the help of follicle- a small tubular group of cells in skin which contain cavity in the root of hair. It also helps in growth of hair by packing the old cells together. The average growth rate of healthy follicles is .o4 cm per day. At the end of follicle there is a large structure of papilla. Papilla is made up of many tissues. These are structure of hair from starting to end.Though this could require you to invest some money, it truly is still really worth it due to the fact it is going to extend the daily life span of your wig. Another very good method to make your wig final would be to place it on and take it off the correct way. This can stop harm for your wig from occurring. It's also essential to select hair care goods and adhesives which are secure to use. There are some styling products that will trigger major damage not simply to your wig but to your actual hair also so you should be very careful with this.A wig stand can also be an excellent investment. Why is that this so It really is simply because it assists preserve the form of your wig and allow your wig to dry appropriately following washing. By providing appropriate care for your wig, it is possible to be assured that it'll final extended. This is also very affordable because you may not need to purchase new wigs all of the time.

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