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And, in a somewhat spooky parallel with my erstwhile Japanese friend I never actually spoke to him, of course, but I began to think of him as my friend I can never really ask a dog exactly why it is that they dress up!Now, I obviously accept that it is not Fido's own decision to kit himself out with a natty little tartan coat, any more than those dogs that you see on supposedly comedic posters wearing sunglasses, actually believe themselves to look cool! Furthermore, were I to ask the owners why they love to dress up their four-legged friend, I am sure that I would receive perfectly logical and sensible answers, that dog clothes are merely an outward sign of their love for their four legged kindred spirit, almost like treating them like members of the family. See, I guess that my problem is threefold.People wear wigs and hair extensions either because they want to change the hair they naturally have, by making it longer, curlier, straighter, bigger, sleeker etc. wearing a wig or hair extensions means you can change the style of your hair within a matter of seconds, and do not have to pay money to change the style again, or to keep the style in good order. Wigs are also worn by those who have lost their hair because of an illness such as cancer. It is confidence boosting and a great way to look good whilst waiting for the natural hair to grow back.

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