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What causes hair loss What is hair What can you do about hair thinning Everyone has hair, yet we don't think about it until it starts to go missing. Hair grows from the dermis all over our bodies. Hair is composed of a cuticle, cortex, and medulla. Within each hair strand on your head there is keratin. Your hair growth occurs in cycles or phases. The key to getting your hair growing again is to restart the anagen or growth phase and to elongate the telogen or resting state. Several dermatologists recommend Nitrophed hair vitamins to help with this. Nitrophed hair vitamins supply your body with key nutrients to help prevent full baldness and minimize hair thinning. The focus on maximizing both the anagen and telogen phase.The natural inputs that assist hair care and growthinclude essential oils such as castor oil and coconut oil, lubricants and non-stickyfluids. These products are now available in the markets.The multinationals are yet to enter this particularsegment of natural hair care as most of the products are homemade byindividuals. Such products containing natural ingredients are slightly expensivewhen compared to the products of global corporations since the manufacturingcost is high. Unlike chemical compositions, natural ingredients have to beprepared from the basic level. This includes finding the right ingredient,preparing the composition, processing and conditioning it to meet the rightstandards. Care has to be taken to ensure that chemicals are not mixed to thecompositions in the process. All these products have to be prepared manually.For, if they are subjected to mechanical process, the composition might bealtered using because of chemical exposure.In an effort to avoid any kind of a chemical interference,the natural hair care products are prepared by hand.

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