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You can wait to color your hair until it becomes healthier, or if you can opt for a color rinse which is gentler on the hair.Avoid excessive heat when styling your hairBlow drying, styling your hair with heating curling rods, combs and flat irons is very common, however, these gadgets can make your hair dry. Heat damages the hair and may strip it of necessary moisture. It is not advisable to use heat styling devices on your hair regularly. If you use these styling devices on a daily basis and notice that your hair is becoming dull and dry, then you might need to avoid heat styling for a while to help your hair recover. You can also try options such as wet wraps and sets and air drying; these are milder on the hair than heat styling.If people constantly mistake you for someone older, it may have something to do with your tresses. If you lost your locks early in life, there's no reason to suffer. You may think you have to live with how you look because many hair restoration options were not so great. Or, on the other hand, many people would try to sell false pieces that did not look natural and left you limited in what you could do, such as playing sports or swimming. Deciding to get a surgical procedure to solve your problem is likely the better choice and will yield better results.

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