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I have seen more than a few of these jobs lately, and it truly frightens me to know that when someone without the critical thinking skills, or the training and know how starts installing extensions, the end result can be PERMANENT hair loss. That means it is never going to grow back, you will no longer need a hair dresser because you will be wearing wigs for the rest of your life! (And believe me, wigs are not comfortable in 90 degree heat!)And even if it only for a year, that time can leave serious scars on a child self worth. Like adults, much of a child identity is tied to his or her hair and appearance. Children who look 絛ifferentcan become the unwilling targets of other children teasing. For parents who are watching their children go through this, finding a solution can become a consuming goal. Hair replacement experts can restore not only a child lost hair, but their self-esteem as well. Hair pieces, wigs and nonsurgical hair systems fitted to look undetectable by an expert hair replacement clinic can provide the relief parents and children alike are looking for, even if the situation is only temporary. Some of the most common causes of excessive hair loss in children requiring long-term hair replacement solutions are: Tinea capitis is a contagious fungal infection of the scalp, also sometimes called scalp ringworm. No worms involved, but the fungus can cause hair to fall out by the roots in large round patches.紸lopecia Areata a mysterious hair loss that can range from small patches to complete hair loss.

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