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Hair is very important for women. Even being beautiful shiny healthy thick hair as a passport ready. There are several reasons why women baldness occurs. Immoderately women tend to get a lot of hair care and remy lace wigs in a salon that I often harsh and destructive chemicals that includes hair care.Young women are rarely undergo hormonal imbalances endure hair loss, which is most of the time women suffering from this condition. Right about 2 to 3 months after giving birth to a child hair loss in middle-aged women. However, this event is life-threatening and that pregnancy resulting from medical doctors said that hair loss is completely normal and is not to be only temporary. Older women experience menopause, on the other hand they suffer from hair loss.The hair strands are much thinner than Indian hair but holds much body as compared to Brazilian hair. This kind of hair is very manageable and able to hold curls very well and works for all the hairstyles you want. Most Malaysian hair is wavy straight but there are also heavy waves and curls available in the market. The hair appears to be more relaxed and gives a livelier look.With proper hair care, it can last a very long time but failure to render proper care, it can lead to dryness and hair appear to be frizzy. Avoid using too much hair cuticles or oil as it will make the hair look unnaturally shiny. Instead frequent applying of leave on conditioner is highly advised to give the hair proper moisture it needs to retain the silky texture especially on the third use of the hair. Also avoid using too much heat from hair irons and blowers as the hair is very prone to heat damage.

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