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However two weeks are required for the recovery of wounds caused by the surgery at donor site and a scar is left. The other method is the FUE harvesting abbreviated as Follicular Unit Extraction in which individual follicles of hair instead of a strip are removed in the effect of anesthesia. These follicles are quite tiny in size therefore no prominent scar is left as a result of the surgery. The follicles are inserted into the recipient site. The recovery period in this method is only one week.The process of Hair transplantation like the rest of the world is quite famous in the city of Dubai. Hair transplantation in Dubai is carried out by many of the institutions present in the city for a reasonable fee. These institutes consist of highly trained professionals from all over the world that have specialized in the process of transplant.In today's scenario there are not many options available while one is opting for a cover to conceal his or her hair loss due to chemotherapy. These options are generally classified under 3 categories: natural hair extensions, synthetic hair extensions, or a combination of both. Proceeding further on the topic, a natural hair can be sub-categorized under 3 different groups based upon their thickness and cost: Asian, Indonesian, and European. The synthetic wigs come next in the line that are getting to be a popular choice in today's world. It is so because they are cheaper, easy to maintain, and dry faster. Then comes the one that offers a unique combination of both the natural and synthetic hair types.

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