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France's Louis XIII and England's Charles's II spearheaded the use of wigs as a fashion accessory. But the wigs of the olden days were not always made of human hair due to the latter's scarcity. Believe it or not, wig manufacturers used the hairs of animals like goats and horses to create wigs.The use of wigs for both men and women became more popular in the 18th century when the use of wigs became a status symbol. During that time, the wig colors varied from white to pink and there were even blue wigs.The popularity of wigs in Asia during the 19th century led to the industrialization of the wig industry where manufacturers discovered the use of synthetic hair materials for the production of wigs.Most of us straighten, blow-dry, color and tweak our hair to get it where we want it. That's where Enjoy's Revive Hair and Skin treatment comes in. That's right, you can use it on the skin in addition to your hair! Talk about great bang for your buck. This amazing oil is an intensive but non-greasy formula that, once applied to hair or skin, immediately blends in to smooth, condition and seal with incredible shine. It's great to apply to hair before you blow dry, flat iron or curl. Any sort of heat that's going to be applied to your hair is going to damage it slightly, but you can prevent and reverse the damage by using a protective serum such as this one. This great oil treatment will never make your hair feel greasy, but it will smooth and condition your hair follicle, which will in turn help to eliminate frizz.

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