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Hairs extensions are mainly made up of real human hairs as well as synthetic hair fibers. You can simply purchase synthetic hair pieces for yourself because they are not at all expensive. Synthetic hair pieces are available in the market in various color schemes and textures. These hair accessories do not require a lot of care and maintenance. On the other hand, real human hair wigs are quite costly because they are made with real human hair fibers. You can easily style them according to your personality.Topical Creams To Stimulate The ScalpA number of topical creams and shampoos are available for those who are thinning on top. You can buy them over the counter at your local drug store. They use ingredients like minoxidil to naturally stimulate the growth. They restore blood flow to the scalp, and the boost in circulation keeps the hair growing and sticking around.You've should probably have heard of Rogaine. This is the most popular topical treatment. It's effective for most men who are not totally bald yet, but it takes some time to see the results. If you follow the instructions carefully, you should see results in about 8 months. Your doctor can recommend other products that work well too. If you don't have time to wait, there's also the medical solution.Pills To Promote the GrowthThe cause of hair loss in most men is DHT. This is an enzyme that is stirred up by the testosterone in your body. These two don't really mix. Once they get together, they keep it from growing on the scalp the way it's supposed to. New pills on the market work as DHT inhibitors and keep the testosterone at bay.

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