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The main causes of graying are genes, stress, severe illness, worry, shock, sorrow, malnutrition and improper protein synthesis. Dull hair is the third problem.The causes are impoverishment and exposure to harsh shampoos or styling chemicals. Dry, frizzy hair is the fourth problem. The causes are heredity, diet deficient in proteins and vitamins, sun exposure, styling products, blow drying, use of curling irons, poor usage of hydrating products, poor intake of water, hormonal imbalance etc. Another problem is limp and excessively oily hair. The causes are hormonal imbalance, illness, medication, nutritional deficiencies etc. Itchy scalp is also a hair related problem caused by dandruff, sunburn, sebaceous cyst, scalp ring worm, head lice, flaking, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, folliculities, acne etc.Home Remedies for Hair Care1.Will my hair grow back The answer to this question depends largely on the reason for the hair loss. Hair lost during chemotherapy, for example, will re-grow. Hair loss that occurs due to stress or nutritional deficiency should return once those health concerns are resolved. Hair loss that results from diseases such as thyroid disorders or autoimmune disorders will likely return once treatment for those conditions begins and the body begins to recover. Hair loss that occurs during the postpartum stage following childbirth will often return after a few months of recovery.5.What are the treatment options for women experiencing hair loss Women who are experiencing thinning hair have a wide variety of options, depending on the cause of the hair loss. There are surgical options for women as well as men.

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