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Bearing in mind your picture and lifestyle requirements will facilitate you to make your mind up which of the assorted wig kinds might be appropriate for you. They are made completely on a lace base with a lace closure that is attached around the complete perimeter of the head. The hair used in the lace wig is lightweight and resourceful and can be separated at any point and in any way. The hair can be tied up, in braids or in a pony-tail.One of the most horrible experiences of cancer is losing your hair. While you are making difficult decisions about your treatment plan you may also be facing the reality of hair loss. For many, losing your hair symbolizes a loss of self, a loss of control and the visible confrontation of being ill. You are no longer in control of your appearance. Wearing a "bad" wig is a public statement that you are sick. But for most, cancer is a very private and personal experience. Shopping for a wig is a difficult experience. From walking into the shop, to waiting for the attendant, it can feel as exposing as trying on a bathing suit in a public parking lot. Girl on the go offer private in home wig shopping with a professional stylist right in your home. Human Hair Wigs for Cancer Patients should be undetectable and beautiful. This company has a wig custom cut and fit just for you so you can look and feel your very best. Modern day hair wigs have come a very long way in a few years and are now extremely natural looking. Very few individuals can discern the wearing of a hair wig, hair piece or an extension

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