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The beauty of lace wigs is the ability to part or style the hair in any way imaginable...just like you would do with your own hair. This means however you want to style the wig, you can do so. If you want to make a part, wear a ponytail, make bangs, wrap the hair, etc. you can do. When you receive your wig or hairpiece most of the time all the hair is flowing straight back. If you desire a part on the right side or want to make a bang or just style the hair differently... many people have trouble doing this because the hair does not seem to flow in the direction they would like. Not all wigs have this problem but if you encounter this problem here is the solution.Great job Ciliny! Your article is very well written and informative. I definitely can appreciate the historic approach that you presented about wigs, their origins, and the usage of them throughout the course of our history! I'll let you your audience in on a little secret that I'm sure that will set your women readers minds at ease about either their insecurities, or their use of wigs, extensions, and/or other forms of experiments w/ enhancements! (Whisper) "Men have get them too!"

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