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Laser treatmentLaser treatments are one of the most popular procedures in order to permanently kill hair follicles. It takes 5 to 6 sessions before the hair follicles are completely killed. The cost of each session is anywhere between $80-$100 which means that you will have to spend about $400 in order to totally eradicate the hair on your legs or underarms. Plus, you will have to return yearly to the hair reduction clinic for touch ups or to check if there is still hair growing in certain parts of your body.ElectrolysisElectrolysis involves going back to the clinic 20 to 25 times in order to be permanently hair-free. While it can really promise permanence in terms of being hair free, the financial burden on you might also promise some kind of permanence since the cost of each session is quite expensive.The most common Brazilian human hair extensions are wavy, with an S-curl pattern, being easy to style either with a curling or a flat iron. Another popular texture in Brazilian human hair is curly, which is quite similar to that of African-American women. Straight Brazilian hair extensions are also available, but they will turn a little wavy when wet. This type can easily be styled with hot rollers for luscious curls.Why does everyone love Brazilian Human Hair ExtensionsToday womenare tempted to change their look more frequently, and hair is a feature that can instantly make a drastic change. Since you are not going to have your strands chopped or colored every time you feel like trying something different, Brazilian human hair weaves are the best solution to this style problem.

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