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When you notice your hair falling out, it can cause immense distress in your life. The worst is when hair is falling out so fast that you have to think quickly about what you are going to do before all of your hair falls out! These are several approaches you can take, either cover up your hair loss, make your hair appear thicker, or try to actually grow back natural hair.Has my scalp been affected by a skin disorderIf you visit a dermatologist for your hair loss problem, you may find that you have a treatable hair loss condition, such as traction alopecia or central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (CCCA) -- both of which are caused by certain types of hairstyling -- or a follicle infection, or you may have seborrheic alopecia.These are treatable and for the most part reversible. If you are left with any bald spots or scarring, additional hair loss treatments are available to have your hair looking just the way it did before any hair loss problems ever occurred.6. Am I having emotional problems because of my hair lossYou may feel nervous, anxious, angry and resentful about your hair loss when you have to face it every day. Once you get help, though, you will be relieved and empowered because you may retain your hair and if necessary replace what has been lost in any number of ways that will fit your budget, lifestyle and schedule.7. Am I willing to commit to my hair loss treatmentHair loss treatment is usually a lifelong commitment.

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