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It may not be obvious, but our hair serves an important function in our lives. First, the hair affects our overall image. Your hair length, hairstyle and hair color depicts your persona and fashion sense. Having great hair can also improve your general appearance and boost your self confidence. Other than showing your fashion statement, your hair also protects your scalp and your head. With these roles in mind, it is quite apparent why people should take care of their crowning glory. Here are some tips to follow in the art of hair restoration: Eat nutritious foods and maintain a balanced diet Make sure that you are healthy. Avoid going on crash diets as such often causes malnutrition. Note that poor nutrition can cause inadequate supply of vitamins needed to maintain proper hair care. Eat lots of food containing iron and protein since deficiency of these nutrients may lead to excessive hair loss. Also, make sure that you have adequate intake of foods rich in vitamin C. This way, you can promote your body's immune system and prevent acquisition of various diseases which may induce hair loss.2015 is the 20th anniversary of Wigs.com and we'd like to say thank you for 20 years! As part of our anniversary year celebration, we’ve selected the styles we love the most and highlighted them in Top 20 lists. We chose these Top 20 African American wigs because they're both Wig Expert and client favorites. Our pick for #1 Brie by Vivica Fox. It's a beautiful and best selling style from one of the top brands for women of color. We know you'll love these stand-out styles as much as we do.

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