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I decided to browse the internet and do some research when I came across topics and discussions about toners which apparently lifts out the brassiness on bleached hair. I was quite hopeful that the toner was the answer. I purchased one from boots which I can't remember the name of unfortunately but it stated on the box this was just a temporary colour, I was prepared to try anything. I mixed the toner and I was quite nervous by the deep purple colour, but, I still applied it and followed the timing as stated on the leaflet but as I rinsed it off and waited for my hair to dry it had taken some effect, but nothing to what it said it would. So I wouldn't recommend this product too much.Have you ever wondered how some of the celebrities seem to have flawless hair all of time Now of course they have lots of money at their disposal to invest in anything from perms, colors, extension and even transplants. However, as seen on Oprah a few years ago, the secret is now out.lace wigs! Lace front wigs have been around for a whilebut not quite recognizable by the average consumer. They have been used extensively in the theater- live theater, plays and movies. Of course, they are undetectable on camera, because of the miracle worker make-up artists. However, very recently these wigs have become more sophisticated and affordable to the general public. I must say that I am definitely a fan of low maintenance hair care! Let's face it ladies, most of us are working women, which certainly includes being a mom and/or a wife or even a single ambitious ladder climber. Who has time to emerge from the bathroom with flawless hair Even if we have time to go to the hairdresser, this can be very expensive!Lace or lace front wigs are different from your regular everyday wig.

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