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First, choose the material. There are three common materials that parents can select for their child. These are the synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, and lace wigs. Synthetic wigs are machine-made which cost lesser but more durable than the other types of wigs. Human hair wigs can give a natural look for the child, but they are expensive. The lace wigs are the most stylish among them which the child can enjoy. But the most important factor in choosing a wig is that the child must be comfortable wearing it because she will be using it every day.But not everyone was laughing. Some of the complaints were purely practical. Given the lack of easily available and perhaps suitably not disgusting human hair, the wigs were often made of horse or goat hair, and they were hot. In 1868 Sir Robert Collier and Sir James Wilde tried to set in motion a campaign to be done with the "obsolete institution" when Collier left his wig off over the course of two particularly hot days (McLaren 246). The hope was that people would recognize the pragmatism of this action and let go the grip on outdated fashion. Their campaign was not successful.

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