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Normally, hair grows in a cycle of 2 - 6 years. This tells us that, as some hair is growing, some are resting while others are falling off creating room for new hair to germinate. So, it's correct to say that hair loss occurs regularly but an excessive loss of hair is not normal. On the list of reasons for hair loss, hormonal imbalance comes first. If a man has an over active thyroid gland, it leads to an imbalance of androgens in his body and results in excessive hair loss. And if the same thyroid gland is underactive, hail loss will still occur.Causes of Dry Hair Dry hair, for most of us, really sucks especially to women. Women refer their hair as ornaments and once damaged, it can be a huge problem. It is most commonly termed as having a "bad hair day" where in our hair become dry, dull, tangled and with split ends. One of the most common causes for having a dry hair is the use of shampoo. Applying shampoos and conditioners is needed to make our hair healthy but, overusing it is a problem. Shampooing the hair too often and applying huge amounts can make our hair dry. If you are assertive enough in shampooing your hair as much as possible then, consider rubbing your hair and scalp mildly and not forcefully. Prolonged exposure under the sun can also cause dry hair. The UV rays of the sun produces damage to the skin by making it dry and changing its color but, what we do not know is that it also does the same thing in the hair. Shampoos and conditioners with UV protection in it are now widely available to address this problem. Therefore, protect your skin and hair by applying both UV Protection lotions and shampoos.

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