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Fire cupping is a natural treatment where a practitioner ignites a cotton ball soaked in alcohol and places it inside a cup. When the cup is placed against a patient's skin, a suction action begins to happen which is said to increase circulation. Once "activated," the glass bulbs can be moved to key "energy" points all over the body to boost the immune system and increase blood flow (which will help give skin a natural glow, making patients look younger). A big fan of the procedure is reportedly Gwyneth Paltrow.They can be reapplied on a daily basis.The major point of difference is the hair that these are made from. Remy, non-Remy and the synthetic hair. The while the first two types are the ones made from the human tresses, the later one is a man made product. They are manufactured using plastic or keratin that gives it a close resemblance to the human hair.These come in various grades and textures. The most popular among those are Brazilian, Malaysian, and Indian. These can be easily styled, curled, permed straightened or even colored to the desired shade of color.One can buy these in varied textures like waves and curls in different sizes of ringlets. To select them without any dilemma, one should select the ones that most resemble their natural locks in color and texture.The Remy and non- Remy types are much more expensive than the synthetic ones. They offer many other benefits over the other type. They remain tangle free, shiny, silky and smooth through their use. They are easy to blend in with the rest of the hair.The installation methods:There are several methods that can be opted for to get these extensions installed.

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