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There are a number of reasons that hair falls out and grows slowly. The three major problems are clogged pores, an unbalanced diet, and the use of chemical hair care products. By keeping your scalp healthy, you can regrow hair faster. Follow these simple steps for amazing results. 1. Reduce your hair's exposure to heat. It dries out the scalp and slows growth. So avoid using styling tools such as curling irons and hair dryers.2. Dehydration is bad for your hair so be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water every day.3. Regrow hair by massaging your scalp every day for at least five minutes. A scalp massage increases blood flow to your scalp which stimulates hair growth. Apply firm pressure using only your fingertips. 4. Blood flow to the scalp is so important that you need to find different ways to do it every day. Try lying on your couch with your knees up at a right angle. 5. Chemical hair products are like poison to your scalp because they hamper hair growth. Try using only all natural products. 6. Chlorine is also bad for your hair and will slow hair regrowth.If you are investigating the option of wearing an acrylic, ready-to-wear wig, it is natural to feel concerned about the texture, colour and overall appearance of the hair. After all, you may want to choose a wig that looks exactly like your natural hair. Hair technology has moved so rapidly that modacrylic fibres are now soft, silky, resilient and luxurious. Furthermore, good quality ladies wigs are no longer supplied in one solid colour. Like natural hair, acrylic wigs are composed of several subtle shades that can reflect the light, just like real hair. There is absolutely nothing fake-looking about a good quality ready-to-wear wig in acrylic fibre!

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