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Though shampooing too often, perms, bleaching, and dyeing hair do not trigger baldness, they are able to contribute to overall thinning by creating hair weak and brittle. Tight braiding and utilizing rollers or hot curlers can damage and break hair, and running hair picks via tight curls can scar hair follicles. In most instances hair grows back normally if the source of the difficulty is removed, but severe harm to the hair or scalp occasionally causes permanent bald patches.Dr Morris Westfried's clinic is located in the busy intersection of Bay Ridge Parkway and 15th. His clinic serves Greater Metropolitan New York, Brooklyn, the Tri-State Area.Believe it or not, anytime you schedule a pressure-free appointment, Dr. Westfried will be offering more than satisfactory advice on removing any extraneous hair. He is considered as one of the foremost specialist in New York that offer laser hair removal a he uses the effective system of Candela GentleLase Plus.Laser hair removal for hair under your armRemoving hair under your arm is a necessity especially during the days when you are in a hurry and you pick up a sleeveless shirt to go out only to discover that you have yet to shave. Laser hair removal is a convenient solution to such an issue and worrying about any unwanted underarm hair would simply be a thing of the past.In New York there is also An American Laser Center clinic which provides safe, professional care and the latest technology to all its patients thereby making any form of aesthetic improvements an unparalleled reality.

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