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A wig can do several things for the patient. It will protect the head from the sun and also keep the head warm. It may also be needed to keep up their self confidence in that they have a head of hair like every one else.Wigs come in several sizes, including petite. After all not every one has the same head size. Some wigs have a Velcro strip so it can be adjusted to fit the head better. The wig should fit securely on the head but not be too tight. The head has enough to worry about let alone having a wig that is too tight. Some people may choose to wear a soft yet snug cap under the wig. It could be of nylon or cotton. It would protect the scalp from being irritated by the wig. Some newer wigs are stretchy and have more movement in them.All wigs will need some care. After all it may be worn seven days a week for six months or more.Well, this would give you really, really long hair. I mean, it's already long, but it'll definitely add fullness and everything to it, so. Hi, you've come to the right place at the right time. Are you interested in hair extensions, and want to learn how to style them, as well My name is Sylvia Russell, and this is how you can style your long hair extensions. So, as you can see, my model has beautiful blond hair, and it is very long. What you can't see is that she has hair extensions already attached into her hair. Now, I used a different color hair extension just so that you could get a great visual on how easy it is to cover them up. As you can see, her hair extension is right in there, and if I hadn't a told you, you would've never known. Now, the best way to style hair extensions is, there's several ways. You can leave it long and natural, like so.

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