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Your hair is wavy because of your genetic makeup. Frizzy wavy hair is due to a major factor. This is the lack of natural oils and moisture in your hair. There are various other factors that can take away oils and moisture from it. These are insufficient oiling of the hair, excessive use of hair care products like shampoos, hair styling gels, and exposure to extreme cold or hot temperatures, strong wind, etc. Malnutrition can also be a cause of frizzy wavy hair.Natural hair is the best and strongest element which enhances the beauty of every creature in this world so as humans. If you check your childhood pictures one feature that always strikes in your mind is the voluptuous hair you had that time. No doubt it was the finest hair you had and you always desperate or wonder if you have same at present but the present environment condition such as pollution, use of massive chemicals, long and busy life schedule makes it difficult to maintain your hair and once it lost, it difficult to regain. You often use huge amount of money on different treatments to retain or regain the original hair however, there are many simple and inexpensive methods that will help you to maintain your heritage hair.These can be done in three simple ways.Routine precautions / protection.1.Cover hair with scarf or cap while going out in sun, rain and winter.2.Choose less hair style and combing as hair styling and excess combing as it may lead to hair breakage.3.

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