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You can create an elegant yet carefree look with formal updo hairstyles. You need to gather your hair on the sides of the head together and make the ends meet at the crown of the head. Fasten it with a jewelstudded hair pin, so that the back of the hair remains down. You can even curl your hair to create a more sleek and sensuous look, or you can even wash your hair with a volume enhancing shampoo and conditioner and apply a heat protecting spray to wet hair. Comb through wet hair with a wide toothed comb and then blow dry them. Then create a threeinch wide section of hair in the front and back, right at the middle, not even slightly towards left or right. Then secure this parted hair with an attractive, ornamental clip and comb the rest of the hair to achieve a smooth finish. This will prove to be a great formal updo hairstyle for long hair.Getting great looking hair color is one task, but keeping it looking that way is a whole other set of skills that anyone with colored hair should look into in order to prolong the life of their hair color. Keeping chemically dyed locks healthy and vibrant looking is an art that takes some practice for anyone. Dark auburn hair color in particular can be easier to upkeep compared to some other commonly dyed hues, such as blondes or gingers. Auburns are more forgiving when natural roots begin growing in, and they take better to natural highlights. Even sun damage does not tend to affect dark auburns as badly as some other dyed colors. However, you still need to make an effort to keep it looking healthy, natural and beautiful. With a little work, your color can look beautiful all the time. Shampooing can be tricky with dyed color, but there are a few ways to avoid prematurely washing out dye or accidentally damaging your hair. Try to avoid shampooing for the first few days after a new dye or a touch-up treatment.

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