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I bet most of you would not have known that hair which is transplanted via grafts is not necessarily permanent. In addition, the transplanted hair can often get thin after the procedure. Well, there is a better alternative for that purpose. It not only saves you from going into a surgical process like hair transplantation but also improves your style. It's the perfect option for those people who are really concerned about their hairstyles but do not have much time to spend on their hair.Minoxidil (now called Rogaine) - Developed to treat severe blood pressure problems in the early 70s, Minoxidil was found to have a positive side effect that slowed and even reversed the progress of the balding cycle when applied as a lotion on the affected area.Propecia - Today Propecia is the most popular sought after medication to treat male pattern baldness. Trials have shown an 80% success rate in stopping the hair loss process and 64% have shown an actual reversal, or mending of previous balding. Readily available products include Revivogen and HairGenesis, these are yet to be fully scientifically proven treatments.Specially formulated shampoos are also available that claim to reduce the effects of balding in both men and women. Nisim, for one example claims to guarantee reduction of excessive hair loss..

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