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Now, lets say it's not a holiday and you aren't able to get to a party shop. Or, you don't have any money! It always good to check your house, especially if you have younger siblings or children. People like to buy little kids' stuff like animal ears during holidays, and little girls always have costume pieces like tiaras, fairy wings and jewelry. Or, you could always raid your mom's closet!Flat irons have been associated with damaging the hair. Most hair tools including the hair dryer will put wear and tear on the hair. The drying and pulling of hair using a hot heat can often leave hair feeling dry. Experts say that using styling tools on a regular basis is okay, but that it may be best to limit their use. Certainly most women would not give up their hair dryer for a day, but the flat iron is something that most women will use a few times a week.To help your hair not get damaged while using a flat iron, it is important to use a good conditioner on your hair. Keeping your hair as moisturized as possible using creams, masks and serums will ensure that the damage caused by a flat iron is minimal. You can also try rinsing your hair in cool water before you finish your shower. The coolness will close the cuticles in the hair and prevent as much frizz as possible.There are a few flat irons that are worth mentioning. The first is new and was just featured on `The View`, it is called Mega Hot Smart heat Nano Ceramics Straightening Iron.

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