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America's central air-conditioning contract with Toshiba CarrierMidea central air-conditioning division president, Zhang Quan and Toshiba Carrier Corporation, executive director of Okoma smoked at the signing ceremony that the United States with Toshiba Carrier has a good basis for cooperation, this partnership will push forward the America's central air-conditioning upgrade the core technology, but also will promote the world's leading energy efficient DC inverter new refrigerant technology in the use and development of the Chinese market. According to the U.S. director of central air-conditioning R & D force field clearly describes the DC inverter technology is central air-conditioning industry, one of the most leading technology, energy saving, environmental protection has unique advantages, has been in Japan, Europe and other developed countries, central air-conditioning market mainstream.Later in between the 1500 and 650 B.C, the Greeks developed their unique hairstyles and the most well known hairstyles n the 500 B.C. was the "Green Knot". The Greek women used to hold their hairs together and form a knot at the neck, called the Green Knot. Since then buns and knots were in fashion. In the same period Greeks also used saffron to lighten their hair.

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