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A wig is a head of hair, natural, horse-hair or synthetic which is worn in addition to or instead of ones own hair. The wig may be worn for religious, acting, ceremonial, and beautification reasons.Originally, the Egyptians who are the first recorded users of wigs wore the headpiece to protect their shaved heads from the rays of the sun. The use of wigs is primarily a Western trait; the Eastern world used wigs only in ancient theater settings.After the time of the ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Assyrians and Romans, the use of the wig fell into disfavor for nearly one thousand years. Not until the 1500s did wig wearing become popular again, and that for a very unpopular reason. With relatively poor personal hygiene habits, head-lice were common. The sufferers shaved their heads and wore wigs because the wigs were somewhat easier to clean.It could be able to get some hair back on masculine heads. A number of trials have found it to be as successful as the existing celebrated product Rogaine. This quality of saw palmetto was found by people making use of it for prostate issues who began reporting the new growth of hair on their previously bald heads. Hair loss lotions containing the herbal remedy saw palmetto are widely on the market from health food suppliers or on the web. You will be able to also buy saw palmetto as a herbal supplement. The typical dose for men will be 300-500mg daily. This remedy has already been proved in clinical research to be completely safe for long-term use.Right now, a receding hairline happens to either men or women. This can come as a surprise, although hair-loss in the female population is now not always as seldom seen as most of us may have thought.

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